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So I downloaded this game not being sure about it or the artstyle. But let me say, that as time went on, I fell in love with Noct (though I only got the friend ending, but I really wanted the more romantic ending. Not sure how to get it though. Guess I have to replay it.) I never even saw Carol, but I was fine with it because I was going to go for Noct first. I guess I have to figure out how to get to his route too. Anyways, I did not expect this game to be played for 3 hours. I thought it was going to be a short game, but I was wrong. I loved it so much though. I loved Noct's and Jas's interaction with each other. I'm glad she wasn't like the typical MC. She was hilarious. Keep up the good work!

im glad you gave it a try and im glad you liked noct! i hope you enjoy carol's route!

in order to get the romance endings, you're gonna basically have to do a little roleplaying. you have to pick the choices that fit with jazz's character, and, well. she's an overdramatic tsundere. if she doesn't start screaming over valentine's chocolates being embarrassing, she doesn't see the boy as a love interest. you'll know you're on the right path if she calls carol cute or noct's smile blinding.

also, the very first choice determines whether you're on noct's route or carol's route. there's very little overlap between the two choices.

i'm glad you liked it! again, i hope you enjoy carol's route! thank you so much for your comment!

I didn't know the first choice was going to influence who you go for. I thought it was going to introduce both characters in the same storyline. I'll try Noct's route again by picking the most overdramatic tsundere answers.

that's the spirit! 

also lol. it was supposed to introduce them both but then that was a lot of work so i decided not to

Alright the artstyle had me thrown for a loop at first, and i didn't really think it would be my kind of story, but I read a couple of the other reviews and everyone else seemed pretty blown away, so i gave it a shot and like

I got no sleep playing this visual novel okay

I was up until like 4am finishing Noct's route and holy fuck

Yknow how you "lol" but you dont really laugh? Jazz made me actually laugh out loud and it was just a really really good story, 


I really really love carol and noct and the families and it was just too wholesome for my toxic heart and I can't appreciate u enough  ok ty


im super glad you gave it a chance and liked it! thank you for your comment!

please get some sleep though

i hope the game made you happy though! thank you again!

I don't even know what to say. I downloaded this game because I thought it was going to be short, fun and a bit whacky and sure enough it turned out to be hillarious. But also heartbreaking, warm, relatable and absolutely lovely. 

First of all: Jazz is the best. Hands down. Best protagonist I've ever witnessed in such a game. She has so much personality and I think I might have found some of my new favorite swear words, ooopsie-freaking-macy-daisy. I love her. And her backstory broke my heart. I honestly cried during my first playthrough on  Carol's route. Especially the scene where Jin is comforting her made me bawl my eyes out. 

I also really loved Laby and his crying. Actually all of the family interactions were great, I could really feel the love between all of the families, Noct's and Carol's. It's amazing how well you captured family dynamics. The characters in general felt so fleshed out and each of them was interesting in their own way. I find myself wondering how their lives go on after the story and that is an amazing feat for a storyteller. I read every single bonus story and I'm usually not one for extra stuff.

The last thing that really got me was the representation of mental health problems. Oh my gosh, you did it really well. It was an integral part of the story while not having the whole focus just on how bad it is to have either depression or anxiety. Carol might have been a bit over the top with his furious blushing, but then again that is his character and I love him, but Noct's depression was just so spot on, I'm honestly impressed.

So overall I simply have to say good job. On one hand you made me cry very hard, on the other I never laughed out loud while playing a visual novel before and I have played my fair share. I really like your humour and story telling. So keep it up! I'm excited to see what you are up to next.

(Also if you behind the screen read this whole text now, this is a definite recommendation to play this game, if you haven't figured that out yourself by now!)

im so glad you liked it! this is such a nice comment, thank you for writing it!

jazz is a fun character and i'm glad you appreciate her! i did my best to make sure the game was more "watching over a girl making a friend and maybe falling in love" than "dating people through her"

the families were also a huge part of the game, glad you liked that too! if you wanna imagine how their lives go on, you're free to imagine that yourself. have fun with it!

i'm also really glad you liked the mental health representation! i don't have much to say aside from thank you, except for like, when i was drawing carol's sprites, i went "it's not physically possible for someone to blush this hard" and then i said to myself "he's so embarrassed his blood defies physics," so that's why he's so flustered. i hope you liked both him and noct!

thank you again for your comment, and i'm glad you liked it!

i hope i can live up to your expectations from now on!

this is one of the greatest most wholesome games i've ever played! i will write a full review highlighting exactly what i liked about it tomorrow but here are some quick things:

-jazz's backstory

-sense of humor

-backgrounds (hand drawn gives it a more cozy feeling)

-character design

-story about the name inspiration

-the cat

-story of raptillion

-carol (♥)

-noct (♥)

u really know how to touch peoples hearts while making them double over in laughter. 100/10 great game great creator

im really glad you like it! ill be looking forward to the full review! thank you very much for playing and for leaving this nice comment!

The MC is very weird (but in a good way of course ;)) Glad to have found this game! Can tell you've put a lot of work into it

thank you very much, glad you like her and the game!

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I really like the dedication invested into representing those with depression. I felt that I could finally relate to a character for once because they showed how to even get to the process of healing. It was really nice. Thanks to the developers for making my day with this game!

PS: I know this sounds petty but can I check if I can romance the love interests because I think I have gotten the Friend Ending only. Not that there is anything wrong with that, the guy was super sweet and relatable! ;D

i'm really glad you liked it! 

oh, you need to get at least 3 romance points to reach the romance ending, the easiest way to do this is to pick at least one good answer and then pick the "NO NO MAYBE NOT" (paraphrased) option for the valentine's day choice.

since, well, MC is a tsundere, so you need to pick the tsundere options to date the guys. you'll know you've got enough if MC either calls him cute (Carol) or calls his smile blinding (Noct)

if this is like a problem, i'll make a walkthrough on the romance options available.

thank you for your comment, and i'm glad you liked the game!

Ah yeah! The Valentine's Day choice offered me the romance ending! Thanks! I'm onto the second love interest now. It's really nice that you can actually play as yourself in the game instead of having to just pander to a love interest's prefences. It's really great! Will totally recommend this to others! 

i'm glad! thank you very much!

the aim for MC was less having a player stand-in and more to have her own character, so it's less "dating someone through her" and more "watching her fall for someone who likes her back"

thank you again, i hope you like him, too!

(by the way, in order to unlock ALL the bonus content, the friendship endings are important too.)

This game is really cute!

thank you, i hope you like the full release!